So I think it’s safe to say that Sweden has sent me into overdrive with good news the last several weeks. To add fuel to that fire, minimal techno auteur Axel Willner, more commonly known as the Field has announced that he will be releasing new material in 2011. This morning on Kompakt’s website, the label announced Willner will return October 24 with Looping State of Mind, a title that perfectly encapsulates his music.

In the press release, it was revealed that Willner recorded the album in Germany, and that he is continuing to incorporate live instrumentation into his combination of ambient soundscapes and looped micro samples. It was mixed by Jorg Burger, who goes by the moniker of the Modernist, and Willner said that he is still expanding upon ideas that first came to him when he was recording his 2007 debut From Here We Go Sublime. Looping State of Mind will feature seven tracks, and while the announcement didn’t come with a taste of what Willner has been up to the last few years, track names like “Is This Power” “Arpeggiated Love” and “Sweet Slow Baby” will leave plenty for people to ponder over unti lthe album is released.

Looping State Of Mind:

Is This Power

It’s Up There

Burned Out

Arpeggiated Love

Looping State Of Mind

Then It’s White

Sweet Slow Baby