It’s been a little over a year since Brooklyn new wavers The Drums released their self-titled debut. In the time since, they’ve toured endlessly, lost guitarist Adam Kessler, and have found a good amount of success overseas. Now, according to a new video on their website, the band are hard at work on the follow-up, though little to no details were unveiled.

The video begins with grainy footage of the band working in a studio and trying out new sounds, always a promising sign. However, the vast majority of the clip consists of white noise, city scenes, and even a solo shot of a cross. Whether this was done to indicate a new, darker direction for the band or to be deliberately cryptic remains to be seen. However, the band hinted at the title for their new record, as the word “Portamento” was shown several times throughout the video. The folks at NME did their research and found that portamento is an Italian word that stems from the phrase “portamento della voce,” or “carriage of the voice.”

Hopefully, more information will be made available in the coming months. If their next album is anything like “The Drums” or their brilliant debut EP “Summertime!,” the band may have a certifiable hit on their hands. But if the band decides to take a new artistic direction, it will be just as exciting to see how it works out for them. The Drums are well versed in the ways of pop songwriting, so there is a good chance that they will be able to churn out many more memorable tracks regardless of the musical template. Only time will give us the answer, but for now enjoy one of the band’s earliest classics.