The Avalanches classic debut album Since I Left You has aged incredibly well since it’s initial release over ten years ago. It’s influence can be felt in almost every aspect of the modern indie scene, from the summery vibe to it’s combination of samples and live instrumentation. Earlier this year, I posted a column on this very site that stated I was hoping for the follow up to be released sometime this year. After months of  hoping and wishing, it has been announced that the group has finished working on the album and plans to release it early next year.

Speaking today to Australia’s The Music Network, Modular Records founder Steven Pavlovic disclosed that the group has finished recording the album, and that only the mixing process remains. He also said that there will likely be a lead track later this year, and that the album is slated to be released at the beginning of 2012. While the full interview with Pavlovic won’t be available until May 30, The Music Network released this quote from it: “They’re finished, and they’re celebrating. And they’re going to have a little party to celebrate finishing it. The next stage will see the album go to someone to mix.”

This is great news from one of the last decade’s most influential groups. Since I Left You has been a personal favorite of mine for several years now, and the album received top honors on many publication’s end-of-decade lists, including #10 on Pitchfork’s countdown and the #1 spot on Coke Machine Glow’s list. How the band has spent the last ten years is anyone’s guess, but if the new album matches the best and most timeless qualities of Since I Left You, it will have been time well spent.