Those hoping to find tickets for LCD Soundsystem’s final show at Madison Square Garden on April 2 found themselves in the middle of a scalping frenzy that has sent band leader James Murphy into a Twitter feed frenzy over the last couple days.

After a pre-sale that saw tickets immediately snatched up, presumably by scalpers, tickets were scheduled to go on sale today at 11 am EST. However, those too were gone in a matter of minutes.

The ticket-selling website StubHub, which allows people to resale tickets to hot events, has several dozen listings for tickets to the show, ranging in price from $180-$1500. Tickets to the show were listed on Ticketmaster for $35.00 and $49.50, meaning that prices have been inflated to as much as 40 times their original price.

“eat shit @StubHub part of being a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers is giving fans the freedom to price tickets however they want,” one of Murphy’s posts read.

Murphy immediately took another jab at the company, which insists that their operation is based on fans selling tickets to other fans, saying “hey @StubHub … i pretty much guarantee “fans” aren’t pricing these tickets. you’re barely legal and you know it.”

According to a Yahoo Music article, only American Express gold card holders were able to penetrate TicketMaster’s website, as they have special privileges with their card status. Many of the band’s fans, however, were left out in the cold to wonder whether they would have to give up several months of rent in order to catch the band one last time.

Murphy urged fans not to give in to the scalpers demands, tweeting “NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, IT IS NOT WORTH THAT KIND OF MONEY TO SEE US!”

While scalping tickets is nothing new, the debacle over LCD Soundsystem is one of the most bizarre cases I’ve ever seen. One would expect this kind of thing for a Lady Gaga or Kings of Leon show, but the fact that this happened to a well respected indie group baffles me. Let’s just hope Murphy’s advice to fans will have some impact on the scalpers.

“1 thought: if everyone breathes a sec, maybe it’ll calm down, and shitbags will lower the $ on stubhub etc. i think hype is making it worse.”

(Update:) In a post on the band’s website late Friday afternoon, Murphy announced LCD Soundsystem will play four shows at NYC venue Terminal 5 leading up to the Madison Square Garden gig. The dates are March 28-31. You can read the release, as well as a long letter from Murphy addressing the entire situation, here.

(Image Credit: Matt Biddulph, via Wikimedia Commons)