Today marked the first day for my second semester of junior year, and I’m happy to report that this semester looks to be a really good one for me, both in terms of my schedule and the classes I’m taking. It also begins an exciting new chapter in my life both personally and as an aspiring music journalist.

First off, not only will I continue to write for The Austinist, The Austin A.V. Club, and PopMatters, I am proud to announce that I am interning at KGSR, one of Austin’s most beloved radio stations. I will be taking part in a flagship program called The University of KGSR, where I will be learning the ins and outs of radio, how to interview artists, and on-air techniques. This means that I will be on the air sometime in the next month, hopefully introducing listeners to much of the music that I cover here. This is a great opportunity for me to see how the other side lives (KGSR is a commercial station whereas WOXY was online only when I interned for them), and to gain a new set of skills that will hopefully make me even more marketable when I graduate.

In addition, I am taking Journalism III here at St. Edward’s, where the focus is beat reporting. You can guess which beat I’ll be covering. The course will help me establish connections, hone on my writing skills, and really invest myself in the Austin music scene. Story ideas have been swirling around my head all day, and you can expect all of them to end up on this very site in the coming months in addition to the great reviews and analysis you’ve come to know and love from MoM.

In other words, this semester promises to be a great one, and I am excited to bring you all along for the ride.

Happy Listening!