Yesterday, it dawned on me that it was time to expand Musings on Music’s reach. As such, I have created a Twitter account that will accompany the website, and will feature links to articles, videos, and many other things I find fascinating in the world of music. What was really surprising was that I was able to use the same name as this page for my Twitter account.

That’s right, this site’s Twitter is @musingsonmusic!!

I have noticed lately that my busy schedule has kept me from updating this blog as often as I like, so this will give me an opportunity to keep all of you up to date while allowing me to keep up with my hectic life. I will continue to update this blog whenever I can, since there is a lot I can’t say in 140 characters or less. However, if something catches my eyes or ears, I can immediately share my findings with you. I’m extremely excited about this, and I hope that you are too. Happy listening!