Pop pioneers Devo were forced to cancel the rest of their tour, including their appearance at next week’s Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, due to an injury to one of the group’s members.

In a statement released by yesterday by Warner Bros. Records, later reposted on the band’s website, it was announced that guitarist and founding member Bob Mothersbaugh sustained an injury to his right hand. “A glass shard sliced Mothersbaugh’s right thumb to the bone, severing a tendon,” the statement said. “He underwent immediate emergency surgery and is expected to make a full recovery after proper care and therapy.”

The statement also mentioned that non-festival dates will be rescheduled for Spring 2011.

No formal replacement for Devo at Fun Fun Fun Fest has announced yet, but their presence will be sorely missed. They were one of the most innovative bands of the 1970’s, as they were one of the first rock bands to heavily utilize electronic sounds, thereby influencing groups of all kinds for years to come. Their matching outfits and trademark hats became nothing short of cultural icons, and they embraced their quirks into something that was both popular and critically appealing. It will be interesting to see who will be selected to fill their shoes next weekend.

I can always keep my fingers crossed for Kraftwerk….