Welsh hard rockers Future of the Left have now expanded to a quartet.

According to an NME article posted this morning, the band made the announcement that they have recruited guitarist Jimmy Watkins and bassist Julia Ruzicka.

After the departure of original bassist Kelson Matthias, the band were down to a two piece of singer/guitarist Andy Falkous and drummer Jack Egglestone, who recruited a temporary bassist for their summer tour. Falkous and Egglestone founded the group after their previous band, McClusky, called it quits. They released their debut, Curses, in 2007 and followed it up with 2009’s excellent Travels With Myself and Another. Both received critical acclaim and gained the band a devoted and loyal fan base for their feverish, and sometimes hilarious, music.

It will be interesting to see how these new additions will morph the band’s sound. While it is unlikely that the heavy, distorted bass that give the band’s songs their edge will be effected, this will mark the first time in Falkous’ career that he has worked with another guitarist. Chances are that Watkins will play rhythm, which could give Falkous the chance to layer with lead parts. Irregardless, this announcement makes me anticipate new material from the band even more. But for now, I’m content blasting “Arming Eritrea” with my windows down.

(Photo Credit: Future of the Left’s MySpace)