Album leaks are nothing new in 2010. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a well respected or buzzed about band that hasn’t had to deal with their album making it’s way on to the internet before it’s release. Some fans just can’t seem to wait until an album officially comes out, and the internet is there to scratch that itch. Many bands react negatively, often condemning the perpetrators. Los Campesinos! front man Gareth posted this distraught letter at the end of last year on why he was upset and angry regarding the leak of their album, “Romance Is Boring,” a month before it’s release. Additionally, groups will be forced to bump up an album’s release date, as any amount of time it’s not available for purchase gives fans more time and reason to obtain a leaked copy.

Brooklyn veterans Les Savy Fav were forced to make such a decision when it was discovered that they too were victims of a leak. Both One Thirty BPM and NME reported that the band’s new album, the highly anticipated “Root for Ruin,” will be available via iTunes on August 3 (today) with physical copies being released sometime soon after. It is a five week jump from the album’s originally scheduled September 14 release.

However, the band took the leak in stride. Not only did they bump up the release date, they devised a way for fans to feel less guilty about downloading the album. There is a dedicated page on the group’s website that gives those who “stole” the album the opportunity to donate money to the band to soften the blow of their actions. A PayPal button on the bottom of the screen prompts fans to donate however much they want for the album. It’s like the reverse model of what Radiohead did in 2007 for “In Rainbows.”

Les Savy Fav took things one step further with their hilarious explanation of why fans who downloaded the leak should donate.

“OK, so you got our leaked record,” the statement on the page begins, “At least now you know how awesome it is. We’re sure you really just are desperate for a way to pay us for the thing. Here- donate some cash to us and be free of guilt- for the record. Pay extra and your also forgiven for sex sins and stuff AND we’ll tell Jesus to send you cookies.”

While the likelihood that one will receive said cookies from Jesus is up in the air, the band’s response to the leak can be seen as a victory for artists who have to deal with the inevitabilities of their music being released early. If only the Walkmen come out with a similar plan for their new album…