So it seems like June just came and went with the speed of a runaway freight train. It’s been a pretty crazy month. I’m still looking for a second job, I got a speeding ticket, and I went back to Houston twice. It also doesn’t feel like it’s been over a week since I last updated.

I do have some exciting news though. I got confirmation that I will be covering Islands for PopMatters when they come into tow on July 6, when they play The Parish Room with Active Child. It’s nice to have another assignment, and it’s a great way for me to go to see the show without having to dig into my ever diminishing funds. I saw them back in October at the Mohawk and was quite impressed. Hopefully, they will deliver this time. You can look forward to the review being up before the end of next month.

Until my next update, I leave you with this great clip from Jethro Tull performing “Aqualung.” The world would be a better place if all front men were as energetic and enigmatic as Ian Anderson.