I know it’s been over a week since I last updated, but it was for good reason. Last week was a very stressful and busy week for me. In between getting into the swing of things with my two (hopefully soon to be three) jobs, going to Houston for my brother’s high school graduation and my mom’s birthday, and finding time to be social, I have had very little time to post. However, that will change this week, as I now feel like I can put forward the time necessary to update 3-4 times a week. Here’s what I plan to accomplish over the next ten days:

-A review of the self-titled debut from New York buzz band The Drums

-An article in which I discuss several bands who were gone before their time. The criteria will be that they released only one album and that there is no chance of them getting back together to record in the distant future.

-A live review of the Lou Barlow show next Monday at the Mohawk

-Reactions to some of this week’s top music news stories.

As always, nothing is set in stone, but I am going to do my best to make sure that I remain dedicated while the lazy days of summer do their best to tempt me. Until next time, Happy Listening!


(Photo: Lou Barlow at Music By the Slice; SXSW 2010)