I am pleased to announce that I am officially a contributing writer for the hugely influential site PopMatters. For the time being, I will be covering live shows in and around Austin, using the same critical eye and attention to quality writing that I believe demonstratesmy passion for music journalism.

My first review for PopMatters is for The Tallest Man on Earth, when he played at Stubb’s on May 2. After 10 days of anxiously checking the website, the review has finally been posted. Check back later on this blog for pictures from the event.

I am honored to be a part of the PopMatters team. I have visited it almost every day since my senior year of high school. They are purveyors of all things pop, from music to books and movies, and the amount of insightful, well written content generated every day is staggering. To be involved with a site that I believe is an important voice in the criticism universe is something that gives me great pride.

This does not mean that I will abandon Musings on Music, however. In fact, I have a lot planned for the site in the coming weeks, after I finally have a chance to settle into the groove of summer. I will post pictures from the Tallest Man on Earth show, as well as the Shearwater show that I went to last Friday at the Parish. You will be able to see a review of that show in the coming weeks on PopMatters.

Additionally, I plan to The National’s new album, “High Violet” within the next few days, and I will continue to provide commentary on other albums, news, shows, and the latest trends. I also plan on doing a memorial piece in honor of the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ untimely suicide 30 years ago this month.

On top of all of that, I will be navigating the world of commissioned sales as a new representative for an advertising/business networking company, trying to find a job that’s not a corporate grocery store, and working to find time to relax in between. Keep your eyes open for new posts throughout May.

Happy Listening!


(Image Credit: PopMatters)