Some of you may have noticed that there have been a lack of posts over the last week. This is because the school year is starting to wind down, and assignments and tests have been piling on top of one another to make for a very stressful week. Four papers were due this week, and I still have two finals to study for this weekend. However, things should get better starting on Sunday, as I am going to see The Tallest Man On Earth play at Stubb’s. This will be the first show that i review for PopMatters, and I could not be more excited. I am also going to reviewing Shearwater’s performance on the 7th. I should also have time to review an album next week, and as evidenced by my post last week, I will have plenty of albums to choose from. I promise to dedicate myself fully to this blog and all my music writing endeavors this summer. Until, enjoy your weekend, and check back next week. Happy Listening!