Sigur Ros front man Jonsi Birgisson has long been known for his ungodly talent with his falsetto voice. Of course, with the exception of one song off of his band’s last album, you could barely understand a word that was coming out of his mouth, as he had devised his own language that he would sing in called Hopelandic. Although the results were often nothing short of beautiful, the song’s meanings were left entirely up in the air.

Such is not the case with Jonsi’s solo project, where he dons only his first name as his moniker. All of the songs on his debut, “Go,” will be sung in English or Icelandic. Not only does this move give his songs actual meaning, it’s a way for him to divorce himself artistically from Sigur Ros, allowing him to exist independently of his band.

The second song released to the public only a few short weeks ago, “Go Do,” is a stunning track. Along with Jonsi’s heavenly voice, there is a beautiful arrangement that combines a piccolo, acoustic guitar, and a pounding drum beat to give the song an otherworldly feel. The fact that it is extremely catchy only adds to it’s wonderfulness.

The video complements the song perfectly by demonstrating some breathtaking Icelandic scenery, Jonsi’s sporting some feathers, and editing techniques that highlight the sense of urgency presented in the song. This makes me all the more excited for his album, which will be released April 6th on XL Recordings.