Since Monday night, my body has been infected with some sort of virus that at it’s best has caused my throat to be extremely sore and at it’s worst made it hurt to stand up. As such, I’ve been focusing more on catching back up with school and feeling better than posting here. The goal for this week is to change that.

I plan to have a new review of Hot Chip’s album “One Life Stand” this week, as well as a few more posts that will reflect on the headlines of the music world. If time permits, I may even release a new list. There are a few anticipated albums being released this week, including Field Music’s double album “Measure” and Peter Gabriel’s weirdly titled covers disc “Scratch My Back.” However, this week also has it’s share of oddities, as Story of the Year has an album dropping on Tuesday. Who knew they were still around? That’s a serious question.

Anyways, since I am, for the most part, out of the woods in terms of being sick except for a ridiculously sore throat, you can expect more exciting posts this week. Until then, happy listening!


P.S. Extra points to whoever figures out what the title of this post is alluding to!