Yesterday, I was excited to read that Sweden’s The Tallest Man On Earth, the one man project of singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, will be coming to Austin on May 2. He will be playing at Stubb’s BBQ Indoors, and it will be his only date in the Lone Star State.

What there is to be said about The Tallest Man On Earth has already been said by many rock critics. He is one of the few singer-songwriters that actually lives up to the term “Dylanesque,” in both sounding like him and in his songwriting abilities. In a review of his 2008 album, “Shallow Grave,” Pitchfork said “Like Dylan, Matsson is so natural a songwriter that these tracks feel predetermined, tumbling out of his mouth with an ease and grace that’s increasingly uncommon.”

Take one listen, and you will agree. With little more than a guitar and his raspy voice, Matsson created an album full of songs that are a joy to listen to, and that only get better with repeated listens. Judging from the videos that I have seen online, including the one above, it looks like he has the chops to bring the intimacy and effortlessness of his album to a live setting.

Matsson will be touring the US in support of his new album, “The Wild Hunt,” which will be released in the US on April 13. Until then, I highly recommend that you give “Shallow Grave” a listen. You can thank me later.