The people of Waterloo Records could not have made a better selection for their inaugural outdoor installment of their in-store sessions on Jan. 25 than Spoon. One of the biggest bands to come out of Austin, they played a set that effortlessly demonstrated why they have continued to release quality work for almost 15 years.

The most satisfying thing about Spoon’s Waterloo outing was how good they sounded on stage. The band went through their set without a hitch, and the majority of the songs sounded like they do on their respective albums. Britt Daniel’s unique vocal style lost none of its luster, sounding just as raw and organic as it’s always been. Additionally, each instrument was played with an equal amount of skill and finesse, giving each of the songs their edge, perfectly exemplified on songs like “Don’t Make Me A Target” and “Is Love Forever?” Their performance was a testament to how good Spoon is as a group, and to hear a band sound this tight at an in store session was a real treat.

Playing in support of their latest album, the very good “Transference,” the set list consisted mostly of songs from it and 2007’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” These albums contain some of the bands best songs, such as “Don’t You Evah,” “Rhythm and Soul,” and “Written In Reverse,” all which were present.

If there is any criticism that can be levied at the overall show, it’s that the band’s earlier albums were severely under represented. Of course, when you are a band with as deep of a back catalog as Spoon, and when your last two albums are what most people know you by, choosing songs for a 45 minute set is an arduous task. Omissions were bound to occur.

In the end though, this did nothing to dampen the sheer quality of the set. You can expect nothing less from Spoon. They are a band who thrives on doing one thing and doing it right, and that is making top-notch music while making it all seem easy.

(Image Credit: Jonathan Schwarzbach)