This upcoming release week is a very exciting one. It seems that most of the heavy hitters for the month of January, and there have been a lot of great albums this month, have come from groups that have already established themselves as masters of what they do. This Tuesday is no exception, as the highly anticipated albums from Magnetic Fields, Los Campesinos!, and Beach House will hit record stores everywhere.

While I will be posting a full review of the Los Campesinos! album this week, I figured it would be nice to ease everyone into the next work week with a track from the dream-pop duo Beach House entitled “Norway”. It is the third track off their new album “Teen Dream.” Carried by Victoria Legrand’s powerful voice and the group’s knack for effortlessly creating lush soundscapes through their use of electronics and guitar, “Norway” is a great listen. I have already given “Teen Dream” a listen and it is very good. I will need to spin it a few more times to get the full effect, but with this release, Beach House have done us all a great service.

(Note: This is not the official video for the song. There is not one yet.)