With so many new albums coming out this month from already established names, it is easy to forget that many bands are going to be dropping their debuts this year. It’s always exciting to see a band in its infancy gain a well deserved amount of press, and this is no exception for New York via Florida band The Drums. The band, which started out as the project of Johnathan Pierce and Jacob Graham and has since expanded to a four piece outfit, got the ball rolling in the right direction towards the end of last year. Their EP, “Summertime!” was released back in September to positive reviews, and the band has since gained a decent sized following in the indie community. If they play their cards right, they are going to have one hell of a year.

There is nothing particularly new about The Drums sound. They can be classified as a mix between late 50’s/early 60’s surfer rock and mid-80’s new wave, a combination that has proven quite successful for several bands in the past. One reviewer at Coke Machine Glow best describes the group’s music when he says “what if Joy Division had done a beach party record?” This is a very accurate take.  The Drums’ songs are not overly sweeping or epic, and some of them have little more than a guitar riff and drums playing over a few added sounds. However, none of this matters when you write songs that are this catchy and full of energy. Songs such as “Let’s Go Surfing” and “I Felt Stupid” are absolutely infectious little pop songs that stay with you because of their simplicity and the way in which they are executed.

The band has not set a release date for their debut as of now. But make no mistake, The Drums are easily one of the most exciting new bands to start 2010.

“I Felt Stupid”

“Let’s Go Surfing”

(Image Credit: The Drums MySpace page)