There is something about overeating on Thanksgiving and College Football that goes perfectly together. Perhaps it’s the fact that both are about as American as apple pie, or that it’s a time when families come together and spend time with each other. Or, it could be the fact that when done right, both have a capacity to please many people to no end.

Such was the case yesterday when, after eating until I could barely walk, sat down with my dad to watch the University of Texas Longhorns play the Texas A&M Aggies.

It was a spectacular game. The Aggies kept things close for a while, but the Longhorns proved why they are the #3 team in the country by winning 49-39. There were many long runs on both sides, and there were many miraculous plays. As always, the announcer’s commentary ranged from insightful (in a football sense) to flat out banter.

However, there is one thing about college football that really stands out on Thanksgiving. It is the fact that all of these players are willing to be away from their families on one of the most family oriented days of the year to play football. This can be especially tough on college students, since if they go to school far away from home they rarely get to be with their families in the first place. Of course, they are very much aware of this; they use almost every interview they get as an opportunity to say hi to their families.  It’s always a very nice thing to see, and coupled with the hard action on the field, it makes the perfect antidote for that turkey induced hangover.