Whataburger_logoIt seems that this last week, I have been making ventures out late at night to get a quick bite at Whataburger or P. Terry’s or I have been going to places like Magnolia Cafe or Kerby Lane for more sit down fare.

One of the reasons I go is because I’m hungry, and I justify it by not having breakfast the next morning and by trying to exercise whenever I can, which as of late has been very hard, save for tonight and Fun Fun Fun Fest. It could also be the fact that the semester is starting to wind down, and assignments are about to start piling on top of each other like pancakes. Stress is a leading cause of hunger, according to research done on myself by me.

Or it could be the fact that it’s the kind of things that define the college experience. I never dine alone on these late night ventures, and I have had some very meaningful and deep conversations with people that I consider to be very good friends of mine. I will look back on these times spent in deep conversation and good company with a great sense of fondness.