do-not-enterTonight, I was reminded of why I can’t wait to turn 21. I tried to go to Local Music Is Sexy, an event put on by and WOXY to kick off the Fun Fun Fun Festivities, hoping to enjoy some local bands before the craziness of the festival this weekend. However, despite the fact that I told the doormen that I was with WOXY and that I knew several people who would be inside, they denied me entry.

It was a real bummer. It made me think about all the places I can’t get into until August of next year. Basically anywhere in the downtown area that is not a music venue if off limits, many special events that revolve around alcohol (meaning any happening where an abundance of alcohol is present) are non possibilities. And I’m sure I’m going to encounter some shows at SXSW that I won’t be able to get into because of the fact that I’m a lowly minor. August can’t come soon enough.