Tyler Willis, 30, is a regular at the Deep Eddy Cabaret (Note: It is not a cabaret in the traditional sense) off of Lake Austin Blvd. He was willing to talk to me about why he’s a regular and what it is about Deep Eddy that keeps him coming.

Musings on Music: What do you do for a living?

Tyler Willis: I am a financial analyst.

MoM: How often do you come to this bar?

TW: I usually come to Deep Eddy three times a week. The amount if time I spend here on a given day ranges depending on the day, but it’s usually around two hours. I usually come to unwind after work, or during football season. I’ve been coming to Deep Eddy Cabaret since I’ve been able to go to bars.

MoM: What is it about Deep Eddy Cabaret that you like most?

TW: It’s got a good community around it. You can go by yourself or with other people, and you can dress pretty casually. There are no real expectations of you here. The staff is really great too. The least tenured bartender here has been here for six years. Also, it’s usually the same crowd that comes here, so I know a lot of the people here.

MoM: For you, is there something about being a bar regular that is different fromfrequenting, say, a Starbucks or a night club?

TW: Most people are doing their own thing elsewhere. A lot of people are on their laptops or minding their own business, so it’s hard to strike up a conversation. At a bar, people tend to be more open.

MoM: What is your drink of choice?

TW: I drink Natural Light. It’s the cheapest beer in town. I once did the math, and I learned I save over $2000 a year compared to other, more expensive beers.