Being from Sugar Land, Texas, I was utterly baffled last month when I saw that former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay was going to be one of the contestants on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars”. His office was literally right down the road from my neighborhood, and it was a great stain on our city when it was found out that he was being investigated for money laundering in 2005. It was assumed then that any chance he had of a political, much less a public, life was pretty much out of the question.

It is anyone’s guess why ABC chose him to be one of the sixteen contestants on their hit television series. Every other contestant this season is either an accomplished athlete, a decently respected actor or actress, or a popular musician. If one were to play the Sesame Street game “One of These is not Like the Other,” they would point out DeLay in a heartbeat. They definitely did not choose him for his esteemed political career, or the fact that he was one of the main people responsible for Texas’ redistricting fiasco several years ago. It has to have been his smile, the guy has got a great set of teeth.

Thankfully, injury forced him to leave the show, but not before he left us with this number that will forever go down in history as one of the weirdest on “Dancing with the Stars.” The way he shakes it is enough to make anyone embarrassed.