heartgoldsoulsilverdatedGuess I’m gonna have to shell out $100 for a pre-owned Nintendo DS sometime in the next few months…

I just recently learned that Nintendo is remaking Pokemon Gold and Silver versions, arguably the two best games in the Pokemon series, for the Nintendo DS. The games are scheduled to release sometime in early 2010 in the United States, and were released last month in Japan.

I remember almost 10 years ago when the original Pokemon Gold and Silver versions were released (I just bought Gold). I spent countless hours over a period of two years constantly training my monsters and trying to “Catch ‘Em All.” The game was a lot of fun, with many things to do and two full regions to explore, and I have many fond memories attached to it. My friend had the Japanese version of Gold, months before the American versions were released. We used to think we were so cool cause we got to play the game before almost everyone we knew.

Judging from this Japanese trailer, I am going to have to set aside some money for this trip down memory lane. I do not own a DS, but Heart Gold and Soul Silver sure are tempting me to hand my hard earned money to Nintendo.