Pavement-band01Many blogs were abuzz today about a confirmed rumor that Pavement, one of indie rocks’ most well respected bands, would be playing their first live show in over a decade next September. The rumor first broke on BrooklynVegan and was later confirmed by both Pitchfork and Stereogum. Their last live show as on November 20, 1999. By this time, exhaustion and the desire to branch separate paths caused the band members to go their separate ways. Since then, it has become almost a yearly ritual for music publications to beg for Pavement to get back together. Their prayers will be answered on September 21, 2010, when they play a benefit concert at the Central Park SumerStage.

Pavement was one of those bands that I was told that I need to be in to. But, like Radiohead, I never got around to listening to them. I have the extended editions of two of their albums, 1992 debut Slanted & Enchanted and 1995’s Wowee Zowee, sitting in my iTunes library. With all the hoopla surrounding their return, it may be time for me to give them a serious listen.