avclub_logoAlways entertaining, and very often spot on, the Onion’s AV Club has given us another taste of its wit with this week’s fall television preview. Aptly titled “The Year Ambition Died” (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2), their version of TV Guide makes the argument that every show premiering this fall owes its existence to another show that preceded it. For example, when talking about Jenna Elfman’s new CBS sitcom, Accidentally On Purpose, the AV Club writers pin it as, “If someone added an older woman to How I Met Your Mother, then sucked out the show’s quality, it would look like this, right down to the film style.”

That being said, they do offer some advice on how the shows can provide sparks of originality. For The Soup‘s Joel McHale’s first foray into network prime time, Community, they offer the possibility that “The current crop of NBC sitcoms—funny though they are—rarely aim to warm hearts. Community’s emotional underpinnings could set it apart.” Of course, there are some shows this fall that have no hope for their originality, as evidenced by their forecast of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Thank god i’m too busy to watch TV as a college student. If these predictions are any indication, I won’t be missing much.