apple-logo1Tomorrow, September9, Apple is holding a special invite only event in San Fransisco. The invitations to the event simply read, “It’s only Rock N’ Roll, but we like it.”

There has been much speculation about the specifics of what Apple is planing to release among the masses. Considering that tomorrow is the re-release of the Beatles entire catalog in a remastered format, my guess is that one of the announcements will be the addition of the Beatles entire library exclusively to iTunes.

This move seems very logical, considering tomorrow also marks the release of The Beatles: Rock Band video game. It would also be a very good move financially for Apple, as the Beatles have never before released their catalog in any digital form before.

On the iPod side of things, I would really like the announcement of a high-capacity iPod Touch, somewhere around 128 GB. While the Touch has a lot of things going for it, the highest capacity model as of right now only holds 32 GB, and my library is almost at 60. It would be nice to have all my music in one place, access to the internet, and all of those cool apps that have made the Touch and the iPhone such a hit among consumers.

Such a move, though, would probably mark the end of the iPod Classic, which is the only player besides the Nano to keep the original click wheel from generations past. One can also expect to see the now almost yearly upgrade to the Nano and Shuffle lines.

It is anyone’s guess what Apple will roll out when the conference takes place tomorrow at 10 A.M. PST. I will have my thoughts on the actual products tomorrow, but for now it is always fun to dream and hope that Steve Jobs hears my prayers.

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