district9posterI know this is primarily a music blog, but if there is one action movie that you see this year, skip the predictable nature of  box office chart-toppers such as Transformers and GI Joe. District 9  will be the most intense action movie that you will see in 2009, and not simply because of its action sequences. This film has one of the most interesting stories that I have seen in a movie in while, and has some very strong components of existentialism thrown in, as the viewer is left to contemplate the utter absurdity of Wikus Van De Merwe’s situation. It is a smart film with a distinctly human core. Peter Jackson’s excellent eye as a director makes this narrative just as effective as any of his Lord of the Rings movies, and more so than his take on King Kong. Without giving away too much of the film, it is safe to say that District 9 is a great way to give yourself a break from listening and analyzing music.

(Image Credit: comingsoon.net)