Hello All,

Welcome to Musings on Music.

This blog has started out of my desire to become a music journalist when the time arises for me to seek a profession. Many say the best way to break into thew world of journalism, especially in music, is to practice writing reviews, and sharing your thoughts on music and music as an Art. (Note the philosophical distinction. Art refers to the overall concept) As such, I beleive that this a perfect forum with which I can gain practical experience by making my abstract thoughts available for others to see.

The initial goal is to try and review several records each week, with at least one new release on Wednesday. I will also be diving into my back catalog, and review the albums that mean the most to me. In addition, I will use this blog to comment on live shows that I attend around the Austin area, as well as commentary on what I see to be current trends within the music world, both from a substantive standpoint (meaning the music itself) and from a cultural perspective.

The goal is to not get as many readers as I possibly can (though this would bring some gratification). I want this blog to be a way for me to practice my passion. I have such an affinity for music that I feel being a music journalist would give me a vocation which I can be proud of. Researching and reading critical reviews of music is something that consumes almost all of my free time. And, when I listen to anything, I am always listening for the minor details of songs while at the same time paying attention to the implications of the lyrics and the overall instrumentation. All of  this is something I truly feel like I have to start writing about now. I can spend all day dreaming about being a music journalist, but it is the taking of action that gets an individual on the road to achieving his goals, so here I am. And I hope that you enjoy Musings on Music.


For those that must know, I am a Philosophy major at St. Edward’s University in Austin, with a minor in Journalism. Aside from everything to do with music, I enjoy a good movie, talking with other people, and just taking time to relax.